..And yes it’s Dutch: 22. La Bong

Big Bang…  La Bong

La Bong isn’t just a fashion brand, it represents a certain state of mind. For people who never stop learning and dare to learn by trial and error. For dreamers who do what they love to do rather than what others expect of them. For courageous people who keep fighting despite setbacks.

With simple, yet powerful statements about everyday topics Max Bong tries to inspire people. You. Others. Herself. Do what you love doing, don’t turn a challenge into an excuse. Reaching your goal is a journey…’overcome to become’. That is La Bong. And who are you?

“La Bong tries to surprise people visually, let them think, laugh or frown for a moment. So they understand what the message is this: whatever you do, do it with love. And nothing else! ” Underneath you will find some visuals from La Bong.

Website: La Bong – Facebook: La Bong

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