And Yes Its Dutch: 35. Noot

You will be the walking gallery…  Noot

Noot is a new sweatart label born in Amsterdam. The concept behind Noot is that they want to give young artists an online and offline podium to show off their work, the way they do that is with their walking gallery. Do you know what the walking gallery is? Well it is you! If you purchase a sweater with the artwork of one of the artists on it you will be a piece of the walking gallery.

Noot works with five young artists from Amsterdam to showcase their work. From every artwork there will be just 40 to keep the sweaters unique and limited for those who really want to support their favorite artist. On each of the sweaters you can also find a personal ‘note’ from the artist that made the artwork. Underneath you can find their information and off course the lookbook for this collection.

The artists that Noot works with are: Daniel Hageman (deGrote8) – Karel Kammeijer (KDKammeijer) – Cebine Illustrations – Lars Knol (give the world some Knolour) – Carlijn Jacobs (

Website: Noot  –  Facebook: Noot

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