Appelsap Festivals Best Dressed: The WayWards

We present Appelsap festivals best dressed to you. Appelsap fresh music festival in Amsterdam is guaranties good music, good vibes and a lot of freshly dressed people that like to do it in their own unconventional way, or as we like to call them The WayWards.

Amsterdam might not be on your mind immediately when you think about a hip hop scene full of freshly dressed people but nothing is more true. From Amsterdam locals to people from all over The Netherlands and even visitors from the UK and France came to enjoy Appelsap. This mix and match of cultures that all love the music makes for a whole lot of great outfits.

Our photographer Ilyas strolled around the festival all day to find us the best WayWardly dressed people.  We selected 27 of them for this post but all of them will be up on our Facebookpage so check them out below.

Website: Appelsap Festival –  Facebook: Appelsap Festival

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