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Seven of the best sneaker stores in the Netherlands!

Because we WayWard’s live in the Netherlands and because we are huge sneakerfans, we decided to help you guys out!  Looking for some Nike, Adidas, Filling Pieces, Vans, Puma, Timberland, Asics, Reebok or New Balance but you don’t want just any ordinary sneakers? Let us help you find the stores that will up your sneaker game in a second!

The first one is…

Oqium, Amsterdam

Oqium1 Oqium2 Oqium3

This store is going strong with some amazing basketball  sneakers!The store itself is beautiful as well so its worth a visit!

Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 262, 1012 RS Amsterdam     Website:

The Second…

Baskèts, Amsterdam

baskets2 baskets1 baskets3

This store also located in Amsterdam has a lot lot of shoes and (just like the other stores) sells clothes, caps and backpacks as well. Located in Amsterdam you should also visit this store if you want to get some good sneakers!

Address: Elandsgracht 57-59, 1016 TN Amsterdam                   Website:

The thirth one is….

Prime, Utrecht

Prime2 Prime1 Prime3

And there you have one more Prime is located in the center of the Netherlands which is Utrecht, Sells a variety of shoes and will always give you good advice about the shoes you’re buying. So another one worth visiting!

Address: Schoutenstraat 11, 3512 GA Utrecht                              Website:

Where coming up on our fourth already and that is…

Premium Supply Store, Nijmegen

PremiumSupply1 PremiumSupply2 PremiumSupply3

Premium Supply Store is located in the south of the Netherlands in Nijmegen, As you can see again some crazy good sneakers! so another store you should check when you visit Nijmegen.

Address: Houtstraat 17, 6511 JK Nijmegen                                     Website:

And the five is….

No Boys Allowed, Den Haag


By the name of the store you probably could have guest it, but this is a female sneaker store. So that means smaller sizes and lots of color! So as a girl you cant find any cool sneakers that fit? definitely check out this store!

Address: Prinsestraat 104, 2513 CG Den Haag                                   Website:

Why not let’s go! number six is…

Epic, Breda


Again a store located in the south of the Netherlands and another one worthy of a visit by you sneaker freaks!

Address: Tolbrugstraat 17, 4811 WN Breda                                   Website:

Number seven is..

Re Issue, Tilburg

Reissue1 Reissue2 Reissue3

This store is probably the store closest to Belgium of all of the stores we found for you. Different shoes, different brands and not mainstream, go and check Re Issue out!

Address: telefoonstraat 41, 5038 DN Tilburg                                 Website: