BAPE Ladies FW16 Collection

For those who have been a fan of the brand since the early 1990’s will be happy to see their new upcoming BAPE Ladies FW16 Collection which has highlighted the camo print more so than before in menswear and womenswear.

The brand’s traditional green camo stands out the most from the collection and it is featured on jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, skirts and even expanding the camo print to a skate deck. Those ladies who prefer the more low-key BAPE style can also look forward to a huge variety of non-camo options such as smart grey trench coat with a historic line ‘’APE SHALL NEVER KILL APE’’ which is from Nigo’s favourite movie The Planet of the Apes. The black leather bomber jacket with the BAPE shark appearing on the back makes it an attractive piece of streetwear that many will be wanting in their collection. In addition, leggings with the brand logo on the side makes a standout piece of clothing, especially for those girls who like to keep fit but look super dope whilst doing so.

The BAPE Ladies FW16 Collection features a lot of exciting colours and designs for the ladies to stunt on the streets. It is safe to say that this will be a well sought after drop for many.

Website: BAPE – Facebook: BAPE

AW16L023 AW16L022 AW16L021 AW16L020 AW16L019 AW16L018 AW16L017 AW16L016 AW16L015 AW16L014 AW16L013 AW16L012 AW16L011 AW16L010 AW16L009 AW16L008 AW16L007 AW16L006 AW16L005 AW16L004 AW16L003 AW16L002 AW16L001 AW16L000

Written by womenswear contributor and UK resident Maria Oxley.

Maria loves sneakers and streetwear so writing about it is only fitting for her, exploring what the streetwear culture has to offer for women has always been in her interests. Living in the East Midlands, UK gives her the opportunity to travel to other cities and discover where the culture is in full swing which inspires her to be creative as a blogger.