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NOA (Nieuwe Oogst Amsterdam)

NOA is a fashion label from Amsterdam established by four friends with a passion for clothing. Everything they do comes from a certain vision. Inspired by modern architecture NOA uses a lot of clean settings and greatly value the relationship between functionality, material and design. With emphasis on clean, urban and minimalistic design, they focus on men by balancing high-end with streetwear. NOA’s hallmark feature -the red line- can be found in everything they do.
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37. Welter Shelter

For the great outdoors…                 Welter Shelter

We introduce Welter Shelter to you, Welter Shelter is a new all-weather outerwear brand. Designed in Amsterdam, made in Europe.  So yes another amazing Dutch brand! Welter Shelter jackets represent the best of both worlds: warmth and protection coupled with a stylish look and comfort.  The jackets are 100% waterproof, breathable and wind resistant. Which is something we always will need here in Holland. Continue reading 37. Welter Shelter

And Yes It’s Dutch: 36. Cobra Couture

The devil is in their details….    Cobra Couture

We got another brand from our beautiful country for you today. Meet Cobra Couture a brand from Amsterdam. They are all about quality and detailed designs. So pay attention to everything from the materials to the cut of the fabric, the devil is in the details as they say. Cobra Couture makes unisex clothing so their pieces can we worn by both men and women.

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And Yes Its Dutch: 35. Noot

You will be the walking gallery…  Noot

Noot is a new sweatart label born in Amsterdam. The concept behind Noot is that they want to give young artists an online and offline podium to show off their work, the way they do that is with their walking gallery. Do you know what the walking gallery is? Well it is you! If you purchase a sweater with the artwork of one of the artists on it you will be a piece of the walking gallery. Continue reading And Yes Its Dutch: 35. Noot