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In Store – Amsterdam: Men At Work

This store was opened about 4 months ago and do you know who works there? Yes me! I am responsible for the shoes department which is pretty awesome. We sell footwear brands like Asics, Nike, Bronx and Palladium. The store is located at shopping mall Magna Plaza in Amsterdam.

The store might be called Men At Work but they sell clothing and Continue reading In Store – Amsterdam: Men At Work

In Store – Amsterdam: Sunika

By luck I found this shop in Amsterdam, after a meeting someone showed me this really nice sneakerstore that was inspired by Japanese sneaker culture. (I really want to go to Japan bad!) The store is called Sunika because it means sneaker in Japanese.

Sunika sells some big and some smaller but still very nice brands. Brands include Adidas, Asics, Saucony, Mercer Amsterdam and Ransom. Do you know what my favorite thing in this store was? Continue reading In Store – Amsterdam: Sunika

In Store – Amsterdam: Dr Blend

No fashion this time but some really amazing smoothies and juices by Dr Blend. Dr Blend is a store in Amsterdam that makes very healthy and delicious smoothies and juices for everyone that wants one (and believe me you should want one). They also make wraps and fruit salads. They only use biological made food and they also sell different superfoods, coffee and biological bread. Continue reading In Store – Amsterdam: Dr Blend