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In Store – Amsterdam: SeventyFive

SeventyFive is one of the oldest sneakershops ( If not the first) in Holland. Opening it’s doors in 1999 in Amsterdam. SeventyFive houses brands such as Nike, New Balance, Asics and Clae. In 2014 SeventyFive has 4 stores, three in Amsterdam and one in Rotterdam. Really a store you should visit ask any of the people their anything about sneakers and they will have an answer ready for you!

Website: Seventyfive   –   Facebook: Seventyfive

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In Store – Amsterdam: DIV

I have to be honest I did not find this shop myself, a classmate of mine works there so I decided to visit on a beautiful sunny day. DIV is a menswear store located in Amsterdam East. They sell brands such as Supremebeing, Libertine Libertine, Clae and KOI (Kings Of Indigo). DIV is a true gentleman’s cabinet where you can find anything from the best jeans to that one prefect jacket. DIV stands for Divers nothing more, nothing less. Another great store you should visit while in Amsterdam!

Website: DIV – Facebook: DIV

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In Store – Amsterdam: FreshInc

Fresh Inc is a store that you would have to know about it to be able to find it. Hidden away in an ally makes this store almost a treasure with the most amazing brands that you can buy. They sell brands like Adyn, Nodaysoff Paris and Les Artists. A little bit more high end but you get the best there is. Definitely take a look in this store for a wardrobe update you’re not gonna regret. Underneath you can find their address, info and pictures of the store.

Address: Wijdesteeg 3b, Amsterdam

Facebook: FreshInc – Instagram:  @freshincstore

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In Store – Amsterdam: Daad

DAAD relocated to the Singel 369 just a couple of months ago and I accidentally stumbled upon them when I was doing an assignment for school. DAAD used to be a shoe store but they also sell amazing clothes and accessories now. You can go there and walk out with almost an entire outfit and accessories to match! they sell brands such as les artists, blk dnm, frends and karl lagerfeld. It is not far from the main shopping street, so if you are in the neighborhood definitely pay them a visit.

Address: Singel 369, 1012WL Amsterdam

Website: DAAD  – Facebook: DAAD

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In Store – Amsterdam: Oqium

First of all if you are a sneakerfreak, sneakerhead whatever you might wanna call yourself, you have to visit Oqium here in Amsterdam. You can find the newest Jordans, Lebron’s and many more here. Also you can find some gear to put on with your sneakers. Caps, tees, beanies in overload.

The guys from the store were so nice to tell me some things about the store. I mean did you know that they even have a little museum? That is a part of the wall that has a lot of limited editions from some classic Jordan’s till even the one and only back to the future boot. All from the owner (who has over 800 pairs of shoes!) and some of their employees. So definitely worth a visit when you’re in Amsterdam. To find out more about them:

Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 262, 1012 RS Amsterdam

Facebook: Oqium – Website: Oqium

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