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In Store – Amsterdam: Oqium

First of all if you are a sneakerfreak, sneakerhead whatever you might wanna call yourself, you have to visit Oqium here in Amsterdam. You can find the newest Jordans, Lebron’s and many more here. Also you can find some gear to put on with your sneakers. Caps, tees, beanies in overload.

The guys from the store were so nice to tell me some things about the store. I mean did you know that they even have a little museum? That is a part of the wall that has a lot of limited editions from some classic Jordan’s till even the one and only back to the future boot. All from the owner (who has over 800 pairs of shoes!) and some of their employees. So definitely worth a visit when you’re in Amsterdam. To find out more about them:

Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 262, 1012 RS Amsterdam

Facebook: Oqium – Website: Oqium

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In Store: Series

You ever been to a city in the Netherlands and feel like every time you’re there you end up in the same stores? Like you are not able to find anything but ten H&M’s and Zara’s all in one single street? Well, let me help you find some good street wear stores. If you are a tourist or if you live here, everybody should know the good shops around town. So every time I visit a different city in my country I will do my best to find the best street wear shops around and I will post them here for you to find them all in one place. Just to show you how many good stores we have here in the Netherlands.

But I am just alone in this so if you know a very good street wear store you think I should visit here in the Netherlands, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

There will be no specific time that I will be posting these blogs so keep on checking the blog: you can follow me via mail, via bloglovin’ or like my page on Facebook every option is available in the left sidebar. That way you will never miss a post!