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In Store – Rotterdam: Gorilli Concept Store

Gorilli is a store like no other here in the Netherlands, located in Rotterdam this store only sells brands who have a vision behind their brand and will not only make clothes for the money. They sell brands such as Billionare Boys Club, Comme Des Garcons PLAY, Gourmet, Flybird and Wemoto.

So they don’t only sell amazing brands, the store in itself looks amazing too. Totally different then what you would normally find, so this is another one you should definitely visit. Underneath you will find some pictures of the store and their information.

Website: Gorilli  –  Facebook: Gorilli

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In Store – Rotterdam: Woei

The best store to find the best sneakers in Rotterdam? Definitely Woei Store. All though Woei is not a huge store it  houses some of the best sneakers. They sell sneakerbrands such as Asics, Vans, Nike and Kangeroos. They also sell their own clothing line ‘Woei’ and apparel from Stussy, Rockwell and Better of Dead. If you visit Rotterdam go ahead and visit this store, and for your information a little birdy told me their new collection comes out real soon.. keep you posted!

Underneath you will find some pictures from this store and other information.

Website: Woei – Facebook: Woei

Address: Hoogstraat 65a, Rotterdam

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