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Music: Earl Sweatshirt

You dont know Earl? Okay then I will have to let you know who he is because I really like his music and sound. So here we go!

Thebe Neruda Kgositsile (born February 24, 1994), better known by his stage name Earl Sweatshirt, is an American rapper and member of the Los Angeles-based hip hop collective Odd Future

In 2009, Tyler, The Creator discovered Earl Sweatshirt, then known as Sly Tendencies, via his MySpace account, where he recorded tracks for his Kitchen Cutlery mixtape. Although the mixtape was never finished or released, Earl eventually joined Tyler’s rap groupOdd Future. His debut studio album, Earl, was self-released March 31, 2010. Earl was named the 24th-best album of 2010 by Complex.

Despite overwhelmingly positive reviews, various sources indicated that Sweatshirt had stopped making music with Odd Future. Earl later expressed in an interview that his mother sent him to Samoa not because of his music or lyrical content, but because of his getting into trouble. Earl attended Coral Reef Academy, a therapeutic retreat school for at-risk boys, located outside of the Samoan capital of Apia. At Coral Reef Academy, Earl earned back privileges, and ultimately the opportunity to return home. 

On February 8, 2012, rumors spread around the internet that Sweatshirt had returned to the U.S. when a video of him surfaced on YouTube with a preview of a new song saying if viewers wanted “the full thing” they would have to give him 50,000 followers on Twitter. He also later confirmed on his new Twitter account that he had returned to his home in Los Angeles. Three hours passed and Sweatshirt reached 50,000 followers and did release a new song on his website, entitled “Home”, in which he ends the song with “…and I’m back. Bye.”

So a very good comeback for the rapper. He has now 2 albums to his name Earl (2010) and Doris (2013) underneath you will find some of my favorite songs from Earl himself.

Earl Sweatshirt – Chum

Earl Sweatshirt ft Vince Staples & Casey Veggies – Hive

Earl Sweatshirt ft Frank Ocean – Sunday