The WayWards: Jeanette Mossel

We got another great creative this week and she would like to introduce herself…

Jeannette(23), Graphic Design

Hi! My name is Jeannette Mossel. I’m 23 years old, and currently busy with my second Graphic Design study, this time at art academy AKV St. Joost. Even though I learned a lot at my first study, it was mostly about the basics of graphic design, so I felt the need to learn more about this profession. What I love about graphic design is that I can be creative with a goal, to help someone with a new identity, or a design for a website, or an app, it doesn’t really matter, the solution is never the same. The great thing about studying at an art academy is that I get to experiment with everything, not just sitting behind my laptop and simply ‘design a logo’ or something, it is so much more than just that. The whole idea behind every design, the meaning of images, why I chose that particular font, everything has an idea behind it. Painting, sketching, photography, sometimes it even feels a little like arts&crafts from primary school, but it’s fun, and everything is allowed. That is what I love most about it, designing beautiful things and having fun while making them!

xx Jeannette’

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