Daily Paper Flagship Store

We have a brand new store for you, the Daily Paper flagship store. The Amsterdam clothing label Daily Paper opened her doors at the   Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam Old-West.

Prints play a big part in the African inspired aesthetic of Daily Paper. For the design of the new store, Daily Paper got inspired by unique patterns, luxurious fabrics and color scheme’s from the West African falling kingdom Dagbon.

The Daily Paper flagship store is designed by the three owners of the label and made with help of architect Jason Devaney. The store has a space of 250m2 and offers next to the latest Daily Paper items also in store exclusives and a selection of art books.

In times where maby fysical stores close, Daily Paper believes in the strength of a fysical store. Daily Paper chooses to open their first store in the part of Amsterdam where they have grown up. More stores in other cities and country’s will follow.

Underneath you will find some pictures of the brand new Daily Paper flagship store and links to the Daily Paper website and Facebook page.

Website: Daily Paper  –  Facebook: Daily Paper

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