Daily Paper FW16 collection drop 1

Daily Paper FW16 collection drop 1

The Daily Paper FW16 collection drop 1 released on Saturday 10th of September. The Amsterdam-based label was shaped with the intention of producing quality street/casual wear for men just like themselves: innovative and cultured with the desire to express their individuality through personal style.

With a strong focus on individualism, Daily Paper place major importance on details: from in depth research on various aspects of African history as inspiration for their collections to interpreting this information into original designs and prints in their pieces.

For its latest collection the brand drew inspiration from the tribes of the Okavango Delta. The inhabitants of the region are known for fishing and their rain-making prowess and are therefore known as “The Rain-makers of Okavango.” Inspired by this Daily Paper worked on a collection of water repellent garments. Hence the title ‘The Rain protectors of Okavango’.

The first drop of the Fall/Winter 2016 collection is set for availability on Saturday the 10th of September via Daily Paper’s online store and their Amsterdam Flagship store. Underneath you can find the lookbook for the Daily Paper FW16 collection and links to their website and Facebookpage.

Website: Daily Paper – Facebook: Daily Paper

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