Daily Paper SS17 collection

Daily Paper SS17 collection

The Daily Paper SS17 collection is here with a brand new look book and fashion video. For its latest collection the brand drew inspiration from the tribes of the Omo Valley. Having released capsule women collections in the past, the 2017 Spring/Summer collection premieres their first full collection of seasonal women styles. The first drop of the collection is set for availability on Friday the 10th of March via Daily Paper’s online store, their Amsterdam Flagship store and global retailers.

The Amsterdam-based label was shaped with the intention of producing quality street/casual wear for men just like themselves: innovative and cultured with the desire to express their individuality through personal style. With a strong focus on individualism, Daily Paper place major importance on details: from in depth research on various aspects of African history as inspiration for their collections to interpreting this information into original designs and prints in their pieces. For the 2017 Spring/Summer collection they were inspired by the colourful body decoration used by the Surma tribe.

This expressive tribe inhabits the Omo Valley area in southern Ethiopia. Their resourceful usage of the territories flora and fauna has sparked the interest of many photographers from around the world. Dressing themselves in twigs, flowers, leaves and painting each other’s bodies with clay, they influenced Daily Paper to design their most colourful collection to date titled “Greetings from Omo Valley”.

Underneath you will find the full lookbook and fashion video for the Daily Paper SS17 collection and links to the brand’s social media pages.

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