ETQ merch FW16 collection

ETQ merch FW16 collection

A year after opening its doors, etq store is launching its very first ‘etq store merch’ collection. As a brand, etq store stays close to home and takes daily inspiration from Amsterdam itself. Forget about canals, etq store is after the grimier side of it all. The etq merch FW16 collection is inspired by the 90’s. An era of freedom and rebelliousness, when Amsterdam was raw and defying.

This attitude comes back in the clean and simple comfort-wear that constitutes the collection, but without compromising on style. Simple sweats are emblazoned with embossed details and have a spotless finish, while track pants are cut to fit like tailored trousers. All in a palette of clean monochromatic shades, the ‘etq store merch’ collection places the emphasis on the materials and finishes. Much like the less flashy side of Amsterdam, etq store’s designs might seem simple at first sight, but a closer look reveals no detail has been left unlooked.

The collection officially launched the 30th of September at etq store as an online and in-store exclusive and includes sweatshirts, track pants, tees, turtlenecks and coach jackets. To complement it all, the collection will include two brand-new Runner styles.
among others.

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