Hidden by Big In Japan

Hidden by Big In Japan is the first fysical store by Amsterdam based web store and showroom Big In Japan. Borrowing the name from an 80’s hit song, Big In Japan hosts brands not only originated from Japan, but brands from all over the globe that defined Japanese pop culture, lifestyle and emulate the quality and eye for detail Japan became synonymous for.

With brands such as Nanamica, Cav Empt, Minotaur, Engineered Garments and Neighborhood, the promising store went from strengths to strengths whilst solidifying a loyal following in the process; not a small feat in the current retail landscape that can be very fickle and full of hype. Strong collaborations are also on their way, such as partnerships with Umbro and Hi-Tec, which will be presented very soon.

To cement their position, the brand is opening their first exclusive storefront in the historic and emerging east side of Amsterdam, called HIDDEN by Big In Japan.
“During our travels through Japan, we noticed that the right brands were housing all their activities like retail and showroom under one roof. This is very appealing to me as a buyer and consumer, to see the present and the future of a brand. This is also what we try to achieve with HIDDEN, to show what is happening right now, in the near future and translate that into retail or other projects,” says co-founder and buying director Poyan Rahimzadeh.

Upon entering, customers will notice that the 270 square meter shop floor is bathed in natural light and offers the best in selection, ranging from Alexander Wang, YMC, Neighborhood, Yuketen, HAN, Hyke, Mackintosh to Tommy Collections and more.
Towards the middle of the store space is a section for hats and accessories, along with outerwear near the rear and lastly a sneaker room towards the right.
“We love to share our knowledge and experience with everybody who makes the effort to come around. This can be either with a tee for €45 or an outerwear piece that retails for €900. We strive to educate our customers”

The space takes advantage of the industrial look provided by cement walls, steel railings and natural wood fixtures, almost being a blank canvas for the great selection at HIDDEN and for all the exciting plans from Big In Japan.

Website: Big In Japan  –  Facebook: Big In Japan

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