In Store – Berlin: Trüffel-Chwein

Trüffel-Chwein is a store I found on the last day of my trip to Berlin. It was in a very fashionable street where there were all different kinds of stores. I found their gentleman´s look very appealing.

Trüffel-Chwein wants to offer menswear clothes that are based on a mixture of  aesthetics and quality. They want their men to be looked at rather than ogled, to stand out rather than stick out, and to exude confidence without arrogance. Well if that isn´t a good goal then I don’t know what is.

Trüffel-Chwein sells brands such as Ben Sherman, Liberty and even our own Dutch Delikatessen. It´s a store for the gentleman that needs a look from top to bottom and then some. So if you’re visiting Berlin this is another store you should definitely visit.

Website: Trüffel-Chwein –  Facebook: Trüffel-Chwein

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