Les Benjamins FW17 collection

Today is all about the Les Benjamins FW17 collection. In a majestic homage to the rare art of eagle hunting, Bunyamin Aydin explores the regal Mongolian sport for Fall Winter 2017-18. Inspired by the ancient ritual and its primal connection between man and beast, the collection charts a moving terrain across the steppes towards the Altai Mountains, in an elaborate patchwork of ethnic details and
baroque-inflected sports finery.

By delving into this unique culture, an urban wardrobe emerges entwined with layers of craft. The collection elevated with a myriad of techniques, as thread embroidery, gold foil, photo-realistic historical prints and tapestry patchwork are combined across a
warm, earthy palette of ochre, burgundy, navy, sand, crimson and gold. Bold text interventions hint at the mythical: slogans like ‘HUNT’, ‘THE HORSEMAN COUNTRY’ and ‘GREAT EAGLES FLY ALONE’ are emblazoned like industrial signage on double-face
cotton jersey, and scrolled embroideries appear encrusted in French terry velvet. Bomber jackets are paneled in screen-printed faux fur, and long zipped hoodies are adorned with flocked and puff print, as a clash of traditional and contemporary graphic motifs.

With the iconic Nike Air Max 95 trainers on foot, models wear, LES BENJAMINS Autumn Winter 2017-18 collection is incite provocative dialogues of past and present, East and West.

Below you can find the full Les Benjamins FW17 collection and links to their social media.

Website: Les Benjamins  –  Instagram: Les Benjamins