Freshcotton x Carhartt

What happens if Freshcotton and Carhartt create together? You get the Freshcotton x Carhartt Forever Create tote bag and pin set!

This project was all about supporting creatives and the creative process. Forever Create. The Freshcotton x Carhartt Forever Create tote bag is a navy variation of the Simple Tote, the tote bag with the little storage pocket with Carhartt logo. At the other side of the bag has the big ‘Forever Create’ print on it.

To be able to make the bag your own the bag will be accompanied by a set of three pins: a FreshCotton logo, a Forever Create pin and a new interpretation van ‘Drawing Hands’ van M.C, Escher. The last pin is two hands drawing each other, the one can not exist without the other.

Underneath you can find pictures of the Forever Create set and links to Freshcotton’s website and Facebook page.

Website: Freshcotton  –  Facebook: Freshcotton

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