37. Welter Shelter

For the great outdoors…                 Welter Shelter

We introduce Welter Shelter to you, Welter Shelter is a new all-weather outerwear brand. Designed in Amsterdam, made in Europe.  So yes another amazing Dutch brand! Welter Shelter jackets represent the best of both worlds: warmth and protection coupled with a stylish look and comfort.  The jackets are 100% waterproof, breathable and wind resistant. Which is something we always will need here in Holland.

This Welter Shelter describes the way their brand was born: ‘Welter Shelter was born in the midst of a November storm. When the weather gods released their fury on a recently bought five hundred euro woolen winter coat and defeated it in minutes. The owner was left cold and soaked to the bone. After cursing his fate and choice of apparel, he’s left with a striking conclusion; this can be done better.
And thus, Welter Shelter was born.’

For the FW 2015 collection Welter Shelter has given some of the most best wardrobe pieces the technical treatment. The Terror Weather parka, Long Dong trench and Camera jacket for men and the Long Tube and Clock V for women all maintain a classic  and minimalistic look, while protecting you against the weather underneath. All jackets come with an inner removable isolation jacket for absolute warmth.

Underneath you will find their lookbook for the FW 2015 collection and of course links to their website and facebook.

Website: Welter Shelter  –  Facebook: Welter Shelter

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Photographer: Sophie van der Perre (100% Halal)
Hair &Make-up: Chris Völkers
Styling: Peter Landa
Models: Kimberley (Premier Model Management), Nicholas (I Am Elk)