Appelsap ‘So Fresh It Hurts’ release

Appelsap ‘So Fresh It Hurts’ is the book you need to have if you wanna know about 15 years of hiphop and streetculture here in Amsterdam. Appelsap is a Hiphop-, R&B- and Bassfestival in Amsterdam and has been around for fifteen years already.

To celebrate this anniversary they released ‘So Fresh It Hurts’ a book where you can find interviews with key members of the Amsterdam streetculture, work from different photographers and the artists that passed along Appelsap over all these years. You can buy the book with a soft or a hard cover at their website.

Underneath you will find pictures of the book and links to the Appelsap website where you can buy the Appelsap ‘So Fresh It Hurts’ book.

Website: Appelsap  –  Facebook: Appelsap

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