News: Berlin Trip

Last week The WayWard Way was in Berlin for Berlin Fashion Week and of course to check out this amazing city. Next time you go to Berlin read this post for the best art, food and fashion in the city. Of course you can find the best stores by checking our In Store Berlin series and underneath you will find our report of four days Berlin, hope you enjoy!

Well let’s start with why we went to Berlin. The WayWard Way always likes to find new brands and new things to write about, so what better way to find new brands then to visit tradeshows where they are lined up at their booth’s and you can just check them out? So that is what we did! We went to Seek and Bright, two of the tradeshows during Fashion Week in Berlin.

On our first day we went to Bright. Bright is a tradeshow for streetwear, sneaker, fashion and boardsport in Europe. Some of the brands we saw at Bright were Mi-Pac, Reell, The Official Brand and MosMig eyewear by Ivorilla. Underneath you can find some pictures of Bright and a video of the tradeshow.

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On our second day we visited Seek.  Seek is a progressive contemporary fashion trade show and presents modern menswear, new heritage, upper streetwear, selected womenswear, authentic designer collections and lifestyle products. Some brands that showed their new collections at Seek are Alpha Industries, Diadora, Ekn Footwear and Brixtol. Underneath you can find pictures of Seek.

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We also had some very nice food in Berlin as well. On one of our nights we went for some BBQ dinner at Chicago Williams and boy oh boy it was good! We ordered one of their meat plates with as side dish Mash and Gravy and some of their own brewed beer. The meat plate consisted out of some spareribs, chicken pieces and pork which was plenty for two people and the meat was beautifully made. The thing we also liked about eating at Chicago Williams was that we were eating at the same table as one cook from Norway and two Mexican guys that live in Berlin, so next to wonderful food we also had some great conversation with people we had never met before. Underneath you can find some pictures of Chicago Williams.

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On our last night we went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Monsieur Vuong. The restaurant is beautiful and serves traditional Vietnamese dishes. We decided to try different noodle soups called Pho Bo and Pho Hanoi, and they were so good! The ice tea was self made with limes and ginger and we also had a Tiger beer (From Singapore). Their menu changes every two days so you will always have some different recipes to try. Underneath you will find some pictures of Monsieur Vuong.

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We also had some breakfast at Tante Emma’s. From 9 to 5 you can eat all kinds of breakfast there. We got the Tante Emma’s cheese breakfast, the Mediterranean breakfast and for drinks we got some fresh mint tea and mango juice. They also have free Wi-Fi there, so it is also a perfect place to take your laptop and do some work. Underneath you can find pictures of Tante Emma.

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And of course you can’t visit Berlin without checking out the incredible street art. We visited Suicide Circus which has a ton of street art and good clubs, of course the Berlin wall and its surrounding area have a lot of graffiti too. These are the best things we found in Berlin so the next time you go check them out for yourself! Underneath you can find some pictures of the street art we found in Berlin.

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