News: Recap Approved Sneakers Market

Last Sunday we were at Approved Sneakers Market. A sneaker event every sneakerhead will dream of, an entire hall full of the latest and some of the most rare sneakers, a customizers area for when you want to get something special and for the female sneakerheads a special womens area.

Of course we had to be a part of the Approved Sneakers Market, since the WayWard Way also makes WayWard Customs we had a stand at the customizers area.  We were not the only customizers there, we were joined by two other Dutch customizer, one French customizer and two German customizers. Seeing there customs was amazing and it was nice meeting all of them.

Mrs. WayWard was not alone that day at the Approved Sneakers Market. She brought friend, blogger and old classmate Anna Sophie from Anna x Sophie to keep her company, she is also the one that made most of the pictures for this post.

Next to seeing amazing sneakers we also met some great sneakerheads and customizers at the event that we only knew from  social media. There were also dj’s playing nice tunes for the entire day. To find more information about Approved Sneakers check their Facebook. (click here)

Pictures by Anna x Sophie1669767_10206428932702991_6974796604057174885_o 1891402_10206428950783443_3491009711791309444_o 1932732_10206428950543437_9191422591473829236_o 1979278_10206428951583463_3198822863522759748_o 10363444_10206428931422959_1681207451379289492_o 10629394_10206428952303481_7992863694265233007_o 10997802_10206428946903346_685479738870294997_o 11041077_10206428947223354_1596718201895693570_o 11057265_10206428930782943_8176829009182362179_o 11059997_10206428921502711_7573865132650550729_o 11073523_10206428925902821_383178625471352929_o 11075227_10206428924462785_5994473065892476257_o 11075232_10206428926582838_7233871942801494584_o 11075261_10206428934903046_155266277751257045_o 11080309_10206428921382708_6759407233985636688_o 11080399_10206428925262805_4359812608382989086_o 11080549_10206428950823444_3762199614414418569_o 11083996_10206428945183303_1854988646574783482_o 11084007_10206428947263355_6531560077375155510_o 11084146_10206428946383333_1580134965572252921_o 11087098_10206428906142327_1949418911_o 11094784_10206428924782793_2056294279761877074_o 11102895_10206428926982848_237368574495033108_o 11103103_10206428935703066_4527892796632989467_o 11133912_10206428945663315_2480321567491166785_oPicture by Iam Woest16355862914_79c776aed5_k 16952290526_54e6d0b03b_kPicture by Nick Iconick16952760376_0eb7febe67_kPicture by Girl On KicksASMrome9