..And yes it’s Dutch: 10. Filling Pieces

Oh my, those shoes!..  Filling Pieces

The brand was established in 2009 in Amsterdam by owner and designer Guillaume Philibert. The concept of this brand is pretty unique, The shoes are the filling pieces in a gap; the gap between Haute Couture and Street Couture. Filling Pieces fills this gap with quality products and design. The shoes connect with different people and styles with no age limit attached. Also each design has its own character.

The Filling Pieces SS14 collection is based on the image of fine details like stitching, perforation and layers. With there original models in fine leathers and nubucks they are aiming to produce affordable products, with unique finishing and detailing.

Website: www.gsrnnfillingpieces.com – Facebook: Filling Pieces

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It’s online! The video for Kika – Guess It’s Alright

Yes I am so excited it is finally online, the video I went to Paris for. Kika’s guess it’s alright! I had the privilege to do the styling for this Portuguese singer and to be in Paris with her and the rest of the crew to shoot her video there. I am very happy with the result, it fits the song very well. But off course I would like to hear what you think as well. Underneath you can view the video:


..And yes it’s Dutch: 8. Green Paper Boys

They get money and give it back too.. Green Paper Boys (GPB)

GPB is founded by the idea to give back to kids in Indonesia and a love for fashion.  You can find the love and realness of the brand in their logo, running paperboy that represents a lot of poor children in Indonesia, who make their money selling papers on the streets. Working hard for that green paper. Hustle hard that is what this brand is all about. Their new collection is called #1: Dingin. Dingin means cold in Indonesian.The language of a country that’s part of their heritage and a major inspiration. They will proceed to building collections of basic apparel and accessories and reserve a part of the profit for their charity activities in Indonesia. The collections will be released when they think it’s ready. Hence the ‘#’ in front of every collection. No traditional Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter dates. They strive to create garments that can be worn throughout the year.

Website: www.greenpaperboys.com – Facebook: GPB

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..And yes it’s Dutch: 7. Tulp Jeans

Jeans from Holland.. Tulp Jeans

Jeans designer Jesper Remmerswaal started experimenting with jeans when he was very young. After he graduated from ‘the Mondriaan’ in The Hague in 2009, he saw the beauty of old industrial machines. Almost everything in the Tulp Jeans comes from Holland. So is the leather for the leather patch, fifth pocket and back pocket made in Holland, some of the buttons come from the second world war and the rivets are made by a Dutch company. Only the denim is Japanese Selvedge denim. The logo of the Tulip is also typical Dutch and the shapes of the Tulip you can find in the back pockets and the fifth pocket. Underneath you can see an example of a Tulp Jeans:

Website: www.tulpjeans.nl – Facebook: Tulp Jeans

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And yes it’s Dutch: 6. NolaNova

To them attitude is everything.. NolaNova

NolaNova is there for the whatever I do it my way trendsetter. The Kate Moss lover. The train-station dancer. The going crazy on their favorite song type. The midnight chocolate eater. The leather jacket addict. The can’t sit still troublemaker. The one who don’t give a fuck. The one who is ready to show their self. For the one you wanted to be like when you were a little kid. NolaNova is there for you. The motto attitude is everything. NolaNova wants to give young individuals a way to express themselves to show the world who they are
and what they stand for. And that all reflects back into there designs. Underneath you will find there Pre-Spring look book ‘Change Your Moral’:

Website: http://www.nolanova.com/ – Facebook: NolaNova

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