We got a new store for you that just popped up in Amsterdam! Let us welcome you to Maha. Maha is a streetwear store aimed at women as they explain on their Facebook page ‘Maha supplies women, a demographic often left out of the equation in a world of sport-fashion which is generally geared towards men.’ We could not have been happier with a store like this in Amsterdam.

Maha is not only unique in selling streetwear for women but also in the brands they sell. Of course they sell some bigger well-known brands such as Vans and Stussy, but they also sell some smaller brands such as Neige, Kiyoko, DeZeep and This Is Welcome. Located near the shopping centre of Amsterdam Maha is a good place to look for some streetwear that you will not find anywhere else in Amsterdam.  Underneath you will find the links to follow Maha and of course the pictures of this beautiful store.

Instagram: Maha  –  Facebook: Maha

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