In Store – Utrecht: PRIME

Another jewel from the city of Utrecht for you today.  Let´s take a look at PRIME! ‘PRIME is a sneakers & consignment store situated in a former drugstore in the city centre of Utrecht. The shop has a broad variety of different sneakers for all ages. The collection primarily consists out of collector items, old releases, private collections and vintage. Besides sneakers, PRIME sells clothing of different brands and caps all on consignment base.’ At least that is what the info box on their Facebook page says. We think PRIME is way more than that.

PRIME does not just sell sneakers they sell awesome ones! Some of the most searched for sneakers are in that little store in Utrecht. From Air Maxes to Jordans to the cutest baby sneakers, you can get it all at PRIME. All we can say is take a look yourself, pictures and links to PRIME’s social media are down below.

Instagram: Prime – Facebook: Prime

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