Styling: Freshcotton x FHM Lookbook

The last few weeks I got the great opportunity to work with Freshcotton and the Dutch FHM. We made some weekly stylingtips for men with some nice ladies next to them. I was responsible for the styling of the girls in the two shoots you will find underneath. For the full lookbook you can check the Freshcotton website. With each photo I will tell you the decisions I made for the outfits, these choices were made together with the menswear stylists.

Website: Freshcotton


Models: Sahar and Teun – Photographer: Darnell Rozenblad

Styling Menswear: Philippe Cabrera – Womenswear: CB Styling

FreshCotton Lookbook SS14 5

^For this photo I tried to match Sahar’s clothing with Teun outfit through color. His outfit consisted out of blue and white colors for the most part so I went with a matching white top for Sahar and a grey/blue short that fitted perfectly between the dark blue and light blue print in Teun’s outfit.

FreshCotton Lookbook SS14 12

^ For this photo I went for contrast between the two outfits. Teun’s outfit was very light in the colors and he also has light hair, Sahar is the opposite dark hair and a little bit darker skin. That’s why I went with a darker bottom so the lighter colors in Teun’s outfit would pop more.

FreshCotton Lookbook SS14 10

^Also a nice way of styling is matching. That is why I gave Sahar the same top as Teun. We cut the top so it would give it a more feminine look.


Models: Flory and Jamairo – Photographer: Darnell Rozenblad

Styling Menswear: Jefferson Osei – Womenswear: CB Styling

FreshCotton Lookbook SS14 6

^ This photo was based on color matching. The color palette was blue, white and grey for Jamairo. So we matched the shoes and gave Flory a more fitted outfit with the same color palette, because Jamairo’s outfit is pretty loose.

FreshCotton Lookbook SS14 11

^ For this outfit we went all black. For Flory we showed a little bit more skin so there also would be a contrast between the dark clothing and Flory’s lighter skin.

FreshCotton Lookbook SS14 2

^ For this last photo we went for a little bit of a contrast again, This time with the prints. Jamairo has a shirt with polkadot print and a short with camo, so for Flory we went with a stripe print. We also made a contrast out of the short that Jamairo has on and the long knie high socks on Flory.

Hope you all enjoyed my explanation of how I style and if you wanna see the whole lookbook check the Freshcotton site link is above the pictures!