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Yes this is an Outfitpost: 2.

Decided to give you some color and print this time around. In love with my new kimono jacket that I got for my birthday and off course my forever lovely Puma Trinomics, they look so good and are  so comfortable! Oh and yes for the people who don’t have me on instagram (@cb_styling) I have an undercut, some times you see it some times you don’t. This time I thought let’s show it off a little. Hope you like this outfit!

Photos by: Anna Sophie

I am wearing: Five Panel: Adidas – Watch: WE – Jacket: Minimum  – Tee: Glamorous – Jeans: G-star – Sneakers: Puma Trinomic

DSC_0054 DSC_0094 DSC_0084 DSC_0069 DSC_0109 DSC_0100 DSC_0108 DSC_0112


Street Goth Brand: 1. Adyn

Adyn is an UK based brand that delivers high end streetwear. They make products such as Long Tees, Leggings, Jackets and Shorts. Their SS 2014 collection is in all black and white. The items look a little more basic but as you look closer you will see it is all about how its made. Adyn is made for both men and women.

Underneath you will find their information and lookbook for the SS 2014 collection. So take a look into the Adyn brand.


Website: Adyn  –  Facebook:  Adyn

SS_14_WHITE_1 SS_14_WHITE_2 SS_14_WHITE_3 SS_14_WHITE_4 SS_14_WHITE_5 SS_14_WHITE_6 SS_14_WHITE_7 SS_14_WHITE_8 SS_14_WHITE_9 SS_14_WHITE_10 SS_14_WHITE_11 SS_14_WHITE_12 SS_14_WHITE_13 SS_14_WHITE_14