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37. Welter Shelter

For the great outdoors…                 Welter Shelter

We introduce Welter Shelter to you, Welter Shelter is a new all-weather outerwear brand. Designed in Amsterdam, made in Europe.  So yes another amazing Dutch brand! Welter Shelter jackets represent the best of both worlds: warmth and protection coupled with a stylish look and comfort.  The jackets are 100% waterproof, breathable and wind resistant. Which is something we always will need here in Holland. Continue reading 37. Welter Shelter

And Yes It’s Dutch: 36. Cobra Couture

The devil is in their details….    Cobra Couture

We got another brand from our beautiful country for you today. Meet Cobra Couture a brand from Amsterdam. They are all about quality and detailed designs. So pay attention to everything from the materials to the cut of the fabric, the devil is in the details as they say. Cobra Couture makes unisex clothing so their pieces can we worn by both men and women.

Continue reading And Yes It’s Dutch: 36. Cobra Couture

News: TheWayWardWay.com is online!


First of all welcome to our new website! To celebrate our new website we have got some things up our sleeves.

1. New content: We are starting with some fresh and new content for you to read.

2. Win: Off course we have to give away some gifts to celebrate, so head over to our Facebook page and our Instagram Page to see what you can win!

3. More, more, more: We are more than a website, from now on you can contact us not only for our website but also if you are in need of a stylist, graphic design and yes last but not least custom kicks!

4. Future: We got some other things planned but we do not wanna ruin the surprise for everybody, so we will keep it a secret for now. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date!

Last but not least we would like to thank Skebantje Media for helping us putting this website together and making sure you can use it as best as possible! We hope you enjoy our new website and have fun reading our posts.

Forever WayWard,

News: Alfredo Gonzales – 15 minutes of fame

Alfredo Gonzales is all about thinking big, and now they have something big for you! This amazing sock brand is making you their designer and giving you a chance to show your design skills on some huge billboards across the Netherlands. So go to their website, design a pair of socks and get your 15 minutes of fame. Continue reading News: Alfredo Gonzales – 15 minutes of fame