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Stüssy SS17 Campaign by Tyrone Lebon

The Stüssy SS17 Campaign by Tyrone Lebon is another great collaboration between the streetwear brand and photographer. Photographer Tyrone Lebon’s multi-year mission to shoot Stüssy’s world tour cities has taken him to Los Angeles, Tokyo, Kingston and last season to Paris. For the final leg of the tour, Lebon serves up a thick and juicy slice of NYC, where the roots of the International Stüssy Tribe go several decades deep.

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Appelsap Festival campaign 2016

We show you the brand new Appelsap Festival campaign 2016, Forever Forward. Photographer Karen Rosetzsky shot a bunch of up and coming artists and friends from the festivals ( Ray Fuego, Yung Internet and actrice Olivia Lonsdale). Director Madja Amin shot the campaign film for the theme Forever Forward. The theme supports the character of the festival that is known to present new talented artists each year.
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..And yes it’s Dutch: 22. La Bong

Big Bang…  La Bong

La Bong isn’t just a fashion brand, it represents a certain state of mind. For people who never stop learning and dare to learn by trial and error. For dreamers who do what they love to do rather than what others expect of them. For courageous people who keep fighting despite setbacks.

With simple, yet powerful statements about everyday topics Max Bong tries to inspire people. You. Others. Herself. Do what you love doing, don’t turn a challenge into an excuse. Reaching your goal is a journey…’overcome to become’. That is La Bong. And who are you?

“La Bong tries to surprise people visually, let them think, laugh or frown for a moment. So they understand what the message is this: whatever you do, do it with love. And nothing else! ” Underneath you will find some visuals from La Bong.

Website: La Bong – Facebook: La Bong

DEFinsta36 DEFinsta37 L_13FWpilar L_13FWtypo La Bong sergio_bowtieJAPAN-dali-labongJAPAN-mirrors-LaBongLaBong-FleurBeemster1LaBong-FleurBeemster2LaBong-Kim_FraenkLaBong-FleurBeemster3

..And yes it’s Dutch: 20. DENHAM

The Jeansmaker..   DENHAM

Denham was founded in 2008 by mister Jason Denham in Amsterdam. Having already established his reputation in the European market as a consummate “jeanmaker” known for mixing denim modernism with workwear tradition, he resolved that the jeans category needed an injection of something fresh, new and undeniably mouth-watering. Assembling a small like-minded team of international designers, So Denham set-up operations in Amsterdam.

Denham S14 captures the imagined adventures of a cadre of denim rebels exploring the ancient volcanic landscapes from the azores to the Izu Islands. For men the classic 1950’s rebel style – epitomized by authentic denim, french stripe and soft calf leather – is brought to life in a new range of premium 5-pocket styles crafted from the best Japanese, Italian and French denim fabrics as well
as breton stripe cut-and–sew tops and the new Bobber jacket in both leather and stretch gabardine.
Volcanic terrain has inspired updated approaches to monochrome. New laundry techniques produce fresh high notes and rich low tones within light ash and darker stoney grays. Natural textures are accented with vivid color influenced by molten lava, bright sun and pacific wildlife. The rebel style for women shows categories of vintage denim washes and bespoke artisan bleach finishes with Nappa leather skins tanned in indigo ash and dark lava in new biker inspired silhouettes.
A ‘scissor incorporated’ Japanese shiburi print has been utterly transformed with dramatic shifts in color and scale and is joined by ultramodern volcanic and tropical photo prints within the tops and dress collection. Luxurious Italian and Japanese woven qualities mix with innovative artisan knitting techniques to create a dynamic portrait of the Denham woman making her own way along the Pacific
Ring of Fire.
Blue and pure indigo dyestuff are always at the center of the Denham range. For S14 the hues run from pale sky blue to deep ocean indigo. New experiments in the world’s best mills have produced 2, 4, 8 and 16-dip qualities traveling from light to dark denim. These are complimented by chambrays reinvented with new bonding and coating treatments. For women the 5-pocket indigo offering has been injected with a celebration of print, color and pattern with bold new graphics wrapped around key fits from Denham’s new Category Five range. Underneath you will find pictures of their new SS14 collection.

Website: DENHAM – Facebook: DENHAM

web-S14Core-Men web-PRINTED-POCKET-BAGS web-EMBROIDERED-WAISTBAND web-PRINTED-INTERIOR-BACK-POCKETS web-CHAINSTITCH-SCISSOR-EMBROIDERY web-COPPER-BLACK-COATED-BUTTON web-463_bolt_finalxx web-482_Bolt_final web-536_razor_final web-_MG_1422 web-_MG_1502 web-2      web-8 web-_DSC0275 web-_DSC1849 web-_DSC2231 web-_DSC2421 web-_DSC2621 web-_DSC9251 web-_DSC8509

Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial

Patta is one of my favorite Dutch streetwear brands, normally only aimed at men. But for there new winter collection they decided to do a ladies editorial shoot and I have to say I am in love! This is what Patta has to say about the editorial and the people that made it happen:

‘Despite the fact that the Patta brand is primarily aimed at men, we see more and more ladies incorporating Patta pieces with their effeminate attire. Creatives Ace Dia and Violette Esmeralda conceptualized and art directed the Patta #SSS ladies editorial featuring models Sara Grabek and Georgia Palmer, styled by Mila van der Linden. The editorial highlights the latest Patta Winter collection and displays it from a more feminine fashion perspective on the brand’s classic streetwear-type of feel, in a way women wear it.’

Concept & Art Direction: Ace Dia & Violette Esmeralda
Photography: Violette Esmeralda
Make Up: Ace Dia
Hair: Portia Williams
Styling: Mila van der Linden
Models: Sara Grabek & Georgia Palmer @ IMG London

Here are the pictures let me know what you think about them I would love to hear your opinion:

Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial_965982960_n Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial