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Headwear: DEZEEP


DEZEEP just released it’s lookbook for their headwear Winter 2014 collection. The collection consists out of different 5 panels, 6 panels, buckethats, beanies, snapbacks and even a miki. They also featured their new DZP Wool Pack in this lookbook.

Are you going for a more arty vibe? Make sure to check out their 5 panels like The Starry Night, The DEZEEP x Saša Ostoja x Wayh Gude, The Night Watch and The AMS Hypnose.
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In Store – Rotterdam: Woei

The best store to find the best sneakers in Rotterdam? Definitely Woei Store. All though Woei is not a huge store it  houses some of the best sneakers. They sell sneakerbrands such as Asics, Vans, Nike and Kangeroos. They also sell their own clothing line ‘Woei’ and apparel from Stussy, Rockwell and Better of Dead. If you visit Rotterdam go ahead and visit this store, and for your information a little birdy told me their new collection comes out real soon.. keep you posted!

Underneath you will find some pictures from this store and other information.

Website: Woei – Facebook: Woei

Address: Hoogstraat 65a, Rotterdam

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..And yes it’s Dutch: 12. Wacko Headwear

Head wear straight from Amsterdam..  Wacko Headwear

The term Wacko can be defined as insane or mad. The designers of Wacko heard of this one day listening a song of ‘the Hives’ that says something like: “definition of madness is to do  the same thing and expect a different result”. They liked that term as it involves being original in your own way.

Wacko enjoys working with Artists and talented people: basically anyone who want to share their art; film makers, graffiti artist, MC´s, musicians.

Hats are the most effective and time – honored way of making a statement about who and what you are, we wear them for ritual, for protection, for play – we put them on to symbolize our professions, our nationalities, ourselves. Wacko will keep promoting the headwear culture as much as they can. Hats became an important part of the daily life, a personal signature and fortunately more people start to use them and combine them with different styles.

Wacko´s aim is to create hats that have a twist.  Everything they have produced has come from a desire to celebrate the power and talent of the individual. Street culture in all its expression is what inspired them. So we will end this with a Wacko saying: Check your head & be fresh in your own way.

Underneath you will find some of their products:

Website: www.wackostore.com – Facebook: Wacko

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