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And Yes Its Dutch: 30. Tomach Clothing

Definitely not too much..   Tomach Clothing

This brand started in 2012 and is owned by two brothers. Their brand is known for the illustrations on their products. The name Tomach is made up out of the first names of the brothers and the English words ´too much´. They started making these shirts for friends but in a short time a lot more people wanted to buy their apparel.

Their new collection is for the summer of 2014 and consists of various shirts, a windbreaker jacket and a snapback.  The products are made in limited quantities, so make sure you get one while you can! The shirts are a mix of two tone shirts and illustrations. I must say my favorite is the two tone shirt as seen in the first picture of the lookbook that you can find underneath. What is your favorite? As well as the lookbook you can also find a video of their collection below and as always their information.

Website: Tomach Clothing – Facebook: Tomach Clothing

Tomach Clothing Summer ’14

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Street Goth Brand: 1. Adyn

Adyn is an UK based brand that delivers high end streetwear. They make products such as Long Tees, Leggings, Jackets and Shorts. Their SS 2014 collection is in all black and white. The items look a little more basic but as you look closer you will see it is all about how its made. Adyn is made for both men and women.

Underneath you will find their information and lookbook for the SS 2014 collection. So take a look into the Adyn brand.


Website: Adyn  –  Facebook:  Adyn

SS_14_WHITE_1 SS_14_WHITE_2 SS_14_WHITE_3 SS_14_WHITE_4 SS_14_WHITE_5 SS_14_WHITE_6 SS_14_WHITE_7 SS_14_WHITE_8 SS_14_WHITE_9 SS_14_WHITE_10 SS_14_WHITE_11 SS_14_WHITE_12 SS_14_WHITE_13 SS_14_WHITE_14





..And yes it’s Dutch: 26. Telllievision

This is a way of thinking..   Telllievision

Telllievision describes its self not as a brand but as a way of thinking, that expresses itself in fashion and other art forms. Clothing is a extension of that mindset. They believe in creations and art forms that represent who you are as a person.

Telllievision stands for self-will, being profound and a revolutionary way of thinking. Their designs have a surreal and philosophic way about them. They have a real ´food for thought´ way of thinking and that is what gives their designs that edge, which makes them stand out.

Their Timelessness collection (pictures can be found below) stands for independence and disobedience. Time is not more then a by men found instrument to give us structure and a direction in life. People will have to ask themselves if we need that structure and direction. According to Telllievision time is a subconscious mental restriction, that they combine with a time bond way of paying.

Time = Money

I could not agree more, and told you about their ‘food for thought mentality’ well there you have it! Underneath you will find their contact information and some images from their new  Timelessness collection.

Website: Telllievision   –   Facebook: Telllievision

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..And yes it´s Dutch: 25. Set of Wings

Fly towards your goals…    Set of Wings

Founded in 2007 by Niek Schadenberg. Set of Wings became a symbol to them who really want to chase their dreams. Set of Wings gives the dream chaser motivation & inspiration through fashion using printed oneliners like ‘Kiss My Wings’ – a new state of mind for all the dream chasers.

Set of Wings stands for your story, your passion and your statement which will daily inspire, motivate and remind you to set your goals and fulfil them. They are here to support and help you take your dream to the next level. – Nothing happens unless you dream it first.
They want to inspire and encourage daydreamers to chase their dreams. Set of Wings wants to facilitate the foundation by building a platform where talented people can present themselves to a bigger audience. A platform that builds an international network.

Set of Wings has a lot of supporters in the dance industry.  Supporters include the Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour dancers, the dancers of Chris Brown, the dancers of Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson’s Immortal World Tour, the dancers of Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience World tour, Shane Sparks, America’s Best Dance Crew’s the FootworKINGz and dancers on So You Think You Can
Dance? (Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
And they´re still spreading their wings. Underneath you will find their contact info and some pictures of their products.

Website: Set of Wings  –  Facebook: Set of Wings

brandbook_SetofWings-4 brandbook_SetofWings-2 brandbook_SetofWings-1 setofwings_book-1 brandbook_SetofWings-6 Daydreamers_Conspiracy_Look_book-1 Daydreamers_Conspiracy_Look_book-3 Daydreamers_Conspiracy_Look_book-5 Daydreamers_Conspiracy_Look_book-7 Daydreamers_Conspiracy_Look_book-9 Daydreamers_Conspiracy_Look_book-10 Daydreamers_Conspiracy_Look_book-11 Daydreamers_Conspiracy_Look_book-12 Daydreamers_Conspiracy_Look_book-13 Daydreamers_Conspiracy_Look_book-14 Daydreamers_Conspiracy_Look_book-15

..And yes it’s Dutch: 24. BALR

BALR. was founded in 2013 by professional football players Demy de Zeeuw , Eljero Elia and Gregory van der Wiel and is a luxury sports brand.

BALR. is a luxury sports brand that designs clothing and accessories that suit the football lifestyle. This means that they make comfortable and casual outfits for during the day, but they also design some high end luxury fashion for the special occasions. They work with mostly basic colors as navy blue, black and white, because they want to bring fashionable clothes to the market that people want to wear for many years. They do not work with spring/summer 2014 or fall/winter 2015, they want our clothes to be timeless.

Their mission is to bring the two totally different worlds of football and fashion together.

Team-spirit fuels the energy for their designs and the collections are inspired by sport’s continuous demands on the physical body and the determination for perfection. With quality over quantity, they bring you the best of football culture mixed with contemporary fashion.

And I have to say I love the leather bags with the football print on it! Underneath you will find their information and pictures of their products:

Website: BALR     –     Facebook: BALR

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