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And yes it’s Dutch: 6. NolaNova

To them attitude is everything.. NolaNova

NolaNova is there for the whatever I do it my way trendsetter. The Kate Moss lover. The train-station dancer. The going crazy on their favorite song type. The midnight chocolate eater. The leather jacket addict. The can’t sit still troublemaker. The one who don’t give a fuck. The one who is ready to show their self. For the one you wanted to be like when you were a little kid. NolaNova is there for you. The motto attitude is everything. NolaNova wants to give young individuals a way to express themselves to show the world who they are
and what they stand for. And that all reflects back into there designs. Underneath you will find there Pre-Spring look book ‘Change Your Moral’:

Website: http://www.nolanova.com/ – Facebook: NolaNova

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..And yes it’s Dutch: 4. A.N.T

A brand from the south of Holland marked by the tight collective from there different designers.. A.N.T ( A Native Tourist)

A.N.T started in Eindhoven by a collective of different designers. There friendship, passion for street wear and traveling made them come together and that’s how it all started. The name A Native Tourist is a reference to the traveling existence of the designers. Always moving, no need for stability and always looking for new challenges. That’s what A.N.T stands for. The brand is stylish, authentic and will always develop itself. Underneath you will find some photos of there new SS2014 collection:

Website: www.ant-origins.com -Facebook:  A.N.T


..And yes it’s Dutch: 2. The Hunted Attire

A brand from the centre of Holland, Utrecht… The Hunted Attire

The Hunted Attire makes high quality clothes with a timeless design, they also make minimalistic streetwear for fashionable people who always want to look there best. The brand is directed towards men but women who like street & outerwear can also wear this brand. Underneath you will find some photos from there latest collection:

Website: http://www.thehuntedattire.nl/nl/ – Facebook: The Hunted Attire

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Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial

Patta is one of my favorite Dutch streetwear brands, normally only aimed at men. But for there new winter collection they decided to do a ladies editorial shoot and I have to say I am in love! This is what Patta has to say about the editorial and the people that made it happen:

‘Despite the fact that the Patta brand is primarily aimed at men, we see more and more ladies incorporating Patta pieces with their effeminate attire. Creatives Ace Dia and Violette Esmeralda conceptualized and art directed the Patta #SSS ladies editorial featuring models Sara Grabek and Georgia Palmer, styled by Mila van der Linden. The editorial highlights the latest Patta Winter collection and displays it from a more feminine fashion perspective on the brand’s classic streetwear-type of feel, in a way women wear it.’

Concept & Art Direction: Ace Dia & Violette Esmeralda
Photography: Violette Esmeralda
Make Up: Ace Dia
Hair: Portia Williams
Styling: Mila van der Linden
Models: Sara Grabek & Georgia Palmer @ IMG London

Here are the pictures let me know what you think about them I would love to hear your opinion:

Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial_965982960_n Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial Patta #SSS Ladies Editorial