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Fashion: Tomach Clothing Winter 2014

The collection Winter 2014 from Tomach Clothing is finally available! It contains two hoodies, a crewneck and three beanies.

The colors they chose for this collection are navy, grey and black. These are the perfect colors for your winter wardrobe. Basic designs and good colors is all you need in this time of the year, you can layer them with anything. Tomach Clothing also still uses their own Continue reading Fashion: Tomach Clothing Winter 2014

Menswear: Lookbook Ill 2014

ill has always been one of my favorite streetwear stores in Utrecht, they always had the best five panels, buckethats and beanies (because you know I love me some headwear) I could have asked for when I lived there, and now they have made a lookbook celebrating their Winter collection.

The lookbook was shot at Tivoli Vredenburg which is a new building made for concerts and party’s to be held there. The look of the Continue reading Menswear: Lookbook Ill 2014

Fashion: Ninetyfour Label Lookbook Fall/Winter

You first met Ninetyfour Label in our And Yes It’s Dutch series (to read the article click here) And now the boys are back with their lookbook for the 2014 Fall/Winter collection.

For their Fall and Winter collection Ninetyfour has come back with some heavy black and white graphic work. Continue reading Fashion: Ninetyfour Label Lookbook Fall/Winter

And Yes Its Dutch: 34. Bradva

Black and White with an Eastern European swag…    Bradva

The first you saw of this brand was their women’s lookbook. And now we show you what Bradva is mainly known for, their menswear! Bradva is a new young brand from Amsterdam that has launched their first collection a couple of months ago, and boy did they come with the goods. All of their tees are black and white with graphics, from their dotted flag to some heavy amazing artwork on the back of some shirts. Bradva is inspired by the Eastern European feel which you can see in their campaign that has a more raw feel to it. Underneath you will find their information, campaign shots and some of my favorite tees.

Website: Bradva  –  Facebook: Bradva

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And Yes Its Dutch: 33. Patta

It’s all about their shoes..   Patta

Patta is one of the most well known Dutch street wear brands out there. For the ones of you who don´t know Patta means shoe or sneaker in Surinam. Patta opened it´s doors in 2004 and after 8 years at their original location they moved to the location that they are still in to this day, Zeedijk. Located in Chinatown and the Red Light District. Patta sells brands such as ASICS, Rockwell, Nike and Norse Projects.

Underneath you can find their information and their latest collab with 24 kilates and Sperry Top-Sider.

Website: Patta – Facebook: Patta

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