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In Store – Berlin: Civilist

Civilist consists of 2 stores, one that mainly focuses on the apparel and one that focuses on some nice Nike shoes, the Civilist Nike SB store. They sell brands such as Huf, A Cut Above, Nike and Palace. In this store I finally found my Huf x Wutang socks and my first ever all black buckethat also from Huf. The personal was very friendly and gave us tips for some other good stores. So I would say that you definitely have to visit this store as well. Underneath you will find their address, their facebook, website and off course some pictures of this beautiful store.

Address: Brunnenstrasse 13, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Website: Civilist – Facebook:  Civilist


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In Store – Berlin: Soto Store

Soto Store is a menswear store in Berlin. They sell streetwear and more high end brands such as ACNE and Raf Simons. What makes this store so cool is the way the combine classic pieces with more trend related products,  so whenever you’re there you will always find what you are looking for. I mean you can even walk out with an entire outfit because they have everything from the shoes until  the sunglasses. So whenever you visit Berlin you should definitely visit this store, where the staff is very friendly, the look of the shop amazing and the fashion on point.

Torstrasse 72, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Website: Soto Store – Facebook: Soto Store

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In Store: Series

You ever been to a city in the Netherlands and feel like every time you’re there you end up in the same stores? Like you are not able to find anything but ten H&M’s and Zara’s all in one single street? Well, let me help you find some good street wear stores. If you are a tourist or if you live here, everybody should know the good shops around town. So every time I visit a different city in my country I will do my best to find the best street wear shops around and I will post them here for you to find them all in one place. Just to show you how many good stores we have here in the Netherlands.

But I am just alone in this so if you know a very good street wear store you think I should visit here in the Netherlands, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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..And yes it’s Dutch: 10. Filling Pieces

Oh my, those shoes!..  Filling Pieces

The brand was established in 2009 in Amsterdam by owner and designer Guillaume Philibert. The concept of this brand is pretty unique, The shoes are the filling pieces in a gap; the gap between Haute Couture and Street Couture. Filling Pieces fills this gap with quality products and design. The shoes connect with different people and styles with no age limit attached. Also each design has its own character.

The Filling Pieces SS14 collection is based on the image of fine details like stitching, perforation and layers. With there original models in fine leathers and nubucks they are aiming to produce affordable products, with unique finishing and detailing.

Website: www.gsrnnfillingpieces.com – Facebook: Filling Pieces

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