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In Store – Amsterdam: Sunika

By luck I found this shop in Amsterdam, after a meeting someone showed me this really nice sneakerstore that was inspired by Japanese sneaker culture. (I really want to go to Japan bad!) The store is called Sunika because it means sneaker in Japanese.

Sunika sells some big and some smaller but still very nice brands. Brands include Adidas, Asics, Saucony, Mercer Amsterdam and Ransom. Do you know what my favorite thing in this store was? Continue reading In Store – Amsterdam: Sunika

In Store – Amsterdam: SeventyFive

SeventyFive is one of the oldest sneakershops ( If not the first) in Holland. Opening it’s doors in 1999 in Amsterdam. SeventyFive houses brands such as Nike, New Balance, Asics and Clae. In 2014 SeventyFive has 4 stores, three in Amsterdam and one in Rotterdam. Really a store you should visit ask any of the people their anything about sneakers and they will have an answer ready for you!

Website: Seventyfive   –   Facebook: Seventyfive

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In Store – Berlin: Overkill

You best believe me when I tell you this is sneakerheaven, because for instance they have three very long shelves filled with Nike Air Max´s, the best releases and models ever. Whatever sneaker you are looking for big chance you will find it there. They sell brands such as Saucony, Nike, Asics, and Puma. In their webshop they also sell clothing from brands such as Stussy, Obey and The Hundreds.

In their store in Berlin they also sell spraycans in every color imaginable and of course some shoefood articles to keep them looking great! Underneath you will find their information, address and some photos, so if you are a true sneakerfreak visit Overkill!

Address: Köpenicker Strasse 195 A, 10997 Berlin

Website:  Overkill  –  Facebook:  Overkill

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In Store – Amsterdam: Oqium

First of all if you are a sneakerfreak, sneakerhead whatever you might wanna call yourself, you have to visit Oqium here in Amsterdam. You can find the newest Jordans, Lebron’s and many more here. Also you can find some gear to put on with your sneakers. Caps, tees, beanies in overload.

The guys from the store were so nice to tell me some things about the store. I mean did you know that they even have a little museum? That is a part of the wall that has a lot of limited editions from some classic Jordan’s till even the one and only back to the future boot. All from the owner (who has over 800 pairs of shoes!) and some of their employees. So definitely worth a visit when you’re in Amsterdam. To find out more about them:

Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 262, 1012 RS Amsterdam

Facebook: Oqium – Website: Oqium

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