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Nike Lab

We visited London´s very own Nike Lab in Shoreditch. Nike lab is Nike´s new consumer space providing a look at the brand’s most advanced and technological products and it´s collaborations with the world’s most forward-thinking innovators in the industry. We landed right with our noises in the cookie jar because the day before the NikeLab x Acronym collection was released. There was a special installation at the entrance to highlight this collaboration. Continue reading Nike Lab


Another store from Utrecht today on the blog! Puha is another young fashion store from the city of Utrecht. They sell from smaller designers, so everything you will find in their store you will not find in many others. The shop is a good place to go when you want to find some original handcrafted goods or pieces that are made in a eco friendly way.

Puha sells designers like Furansu, Mees, Dick Moby and Delikatessen. So if you want to find some pieces that not many people have you really should visit Puha in Utrecht! Underneath you will find the pictures from the store and of course the links to their webshop and facebook.  Continue reading Puha