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In Store – Utrecht: Genesis

Genesis is a new high end concept store in Utrecht that sells different brands in the street goth genre. Genesis sells not only clothing but also shoes, bags and accessoiries. The store space is very minimalistic and puts all the attention on to the great clothing pieces that Genesis houses. Genesis sells brands such as Tigha, Rags To Riches, Franzel Amsterdam and Army Of Me. Continue reading In Store – Utrecht: Genesis

And Yes It’s Dutch: 36. Cobra Couture

The devil is in their details….    Cobra Couture

We got another brand from our beautiful country for you today. Meet Cobra Couture a brand from Amsterdam. They are all about quality and detailed designs. So pay attention to everything from the materials to the cut of the fabric, the devil is in the details as they say. Cobra Couture makes unisex clothing so their pieces can we worn by both men and women.

Continue reading And Yes It’s Dutch: 36. Cobra Couture

WayWard Editorials: Menswear Fashion Editorial #1

The WayWard Way loves styling a lot! We style editorials and want to share these pearls with our readers. Our first fashion editorial that we want to show you was influenced by menswear and the streetstyle street goth.

Underneath you will find the full fashion editorial, credits and brands that we used for this photoshoot: Continue reading WayWard Editorials: Menswear Fashion Editorial #1

And Yes Its Dutch: 34. Bradva

Black and White with an Eastern European swag…    Bradva

The first you saw of this brand was their women’s lookbook. And now we show you what Bradva is mainly known for, their menswear! Bradva is a new young brand from Amsterdam that has launched their first collection a couple of months ago, and boy did they come with the goods. All of their tees are black and white with graphics, from their dotted flag to some heavy amazing artwork on the back of some shirts. Bradva is inspired by the Eastern European feel which you can see in their campaign that has a more raw feel to it. Underneath you will find their information, campaign shots and some of my favorite tees.

Website: Bradva  –  Facebook: Bradva

bradva_presskit-1 bradva_presskit-2 bradva_presskit-3 bradva_presskit-4 bradva_presskit-5 bradva_presskit-6 bradva_retail_reference-3 bradva_retail_reference-9 bradva_retail_reference-8 bradva_retail_reference-12 bradva_retail_reference-13 bradva_retail_reference-17 bradva_retail_reference-15 bradva_retail_reference-19

Street Goth Brand: 4. Arsalan

The label was founded in 2012 and is now run by founder Arsalan Khalily (just 17 years old!) and by director and tailor Ozra Rajaby.

Arsalan handcrafts all of their products which makes them long-lasting and beautiful! They have their own studio in Scotland where all of their products are made. The materials are absolutely gorgeous and their take on their products is very minimalistc which makes their craftmanship stand out even more! Underneath you will find their information and their latest lookbook for their SS14 collection.

Website: Arsalan  –  Facebook: Arsalan

Arsalan-00 Arsalan-01 Arsalan-02 Arsalan-03 Arsalan-04 Arsalan-05 Arsalan-06 Arsalan-07 Arsalan-08 Arsalan-10_0 Arsalan-11 Arsalan-11_0 Arsalan-12 Arsalan-14 Arsalan-14_1 Arsalan-14_2 Arsalan-15 Arsalan-15_1 Arsalan-16_1 Arsalan-17 Arsalan-19 Arsalan-21 Arsalan-22 Arsalan-23 Arsalan-24 Arsalan-25 Arsalan-131