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Footwear: FreshCotton Sneaker Lookbook

FreshCotton is known for having the best sneakers on their webshop and for this Fall/Winter season they made a ‘FreshCotton Sneaker Lookbook’, featuring the best sneakers for the Winter.

We don’t want to keep you too long from this amazing lookbook so check it out below. If you want to cop some of these sneakers we have links to FreshCotton’s webshop so you can get yours in a heartbeat enjoy!

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FreshCotton Office Party: 9/2/5

For the people who read this post and think what the hell is FreshCotton? Let me tell you, here in Holland I think that they are about the biggest streetwear webshop for men. To celebrate their new webshop they decided to throw a party. An office party from 9 to 5 on a Friday, and let me tell you that was one hell of an office party. It all started with some nice healthy breakfast and piano music and ended in complete chaos (In a good way) I mean there was a tattoo artist who would tattoo for free, there was a barber that made everybody look even nicer then they already were. A writer read some of the complaints the costumer service got over the years and they were pretty funny. FreshCotton had many different artist come out to perform with dj’s such as Know V.A, Dj Drivah, Snelle Jelle, Dirtcaps and Feest Dj Ruud. Rappers included Josbros, Zwart Licht, Morcomaniac and Nouveau Riche.  You know it is a good party when it ends with the bosses on the tables and champagne showers. So I have to say thanks FreshCotton for the amazing party, hope there will be one soon ;).Underneath you will find some of the pictures I took and I will also give you guys a link to their facebook and website to see the rest of the pictures.

Website: FreshCotton – Facebook: FreshCotton

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Freshcotton Calender: Student Edition

Freshcotton released it’s first calendar, with twelve gorgeous woman on it, this December. This is the first edition of the calendar that will also be returning next year. The theme was ‘The student edition’ where they captured 12 beautiful student girls that we’re styled in a sexy way by Freshcotton. The pictures are made by Sanja Marušić.

Freshcotton is a online lifestyle store for men, that sells different street wear brands such as Obey, Stussy and Nike. So off course they had to make this calender!

Giveaway!!!So let me know what you think about it and like this blog and maby you will win the calendar yourself so you can have it hanging on your wall 😉

Here you have a preview of some of the girls:

FreshCotton calender FreshCotton calender