The WayWards: 1. Chamawashier

Welcome to our new serie ‘The Creatives’! In this serie we will introduce an amazing creative to you every week, our first creative is……

Chama (24), illustrator

” Bugs Bunny? You’re a cartoon, you’re not real! “, those were Michael Jordan’s first words after he got stranded in the Looney Tunes world. As a kid I was totally infatuated with cartoons and the movie “Space Jam” was no exception. The interaction between the animated and real characters was surreal to me. I always had a passion for drawing and as I grew older I developed my own style and learned how to draw digital. Now I can see and create the world trough the eyes of a kid. A coalescence of reality and fiction.

Instagram: chamawashier


CHAMA_yo! CHAMA_Valtifest CHAMA_Toffler CHAMA_Sushi CHAMA_Skilla CHAMA_Punk Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset CHAMA_DopeBoys CHAMA_Devilish CHAMA_3