The WayWards: Daniek Dijkstra

We got another great creative this week and she would like to introduce herself…
Daniek (20), Photography
I’m Daniek Dijkstra 20 year old and currently living in the inspiring capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.
I’m a dresser at stage entertainment but in my spare time i like to experiment with food, product styling and other photography on a minimalistic and playfull way.
We live in a time where eating healthy has become a big positive trend! But if we think of the word “FUN” eating healthy is not the first thing we come up with..

My challenge was to make eating healthy more fun!
As an example my “party in a masonjar” photos. Smoothies made with fresh ingredients decorated with fun straw, confettie, fruit you name it.
Next to me promoting healthy eating, I also promote to have a good cheat meal once in a while like a beautifull chocolate cheesecake mmmm …
I hope to open a webshop soon where I can share my point of view on food and lifestyle.
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