The WayWards: Cali and Rhii.tha

We would like to introduce you to our friends from South Africa, Cali and Rhii.tha. These two creatives appear in the The WayWards series on the blog because of their love for fashion and photography.

1. Who are you?
We are Cali and Rhii.tha two humble souls getting through life’s creative struggles.

2. What do you do?
We are fashion designers,photographers,models and bloggers.

3. What makes you different/wayward?
Our lack of following the laws set up by society. We don’t believe that clothes should have sex, people should be free to wear what they want to wear and however they want to wear it. That’s the fashion we are making right now with the Unisex Clothing line. That what makes us different.

4. What would you like to accomplish with your work?
We want to make a name for ourselves in the art’s world; we want to impact people the same way Karl, Condo, Picasso, Patrick Magubane, Trompies, Brenda Fassie affected the world.

5. Who is an inspiration to you and why?
We inspire ourselves; a single person doesn’t inspire us, we could like this from this guy and that from that guy, but that is just it. Our life experiences, our aunt, the feeling you get when you walk into a high-end fashion outlet and when you watch fashion tv. It’s the atmosphere around the arts, that inspires us to create and always try create something that makes you feel something.

6. Tell us about the pictures you’ve made for the The WayWards series.
We wanted our pictures to show our everyday routine: hanging in the street and taking pictures with our favorite clothing piece, raincoats.


IMG-20160214-WA0010 2016-02-14-06.08.56-1 2016-02-14-06.09.35-1 IMG-20160214-WA0012 2016-02-14-06.09.56-1 2016-02-14-06.08.46-1 IMG-20160214-WA0011 2016-02-14-06.08.39-1