And Yes It’s Dutch: 36. Cobra Couture

The devil is in their details….    Cobra Couture

We got another brand from our beautiful country for you today. Meet Cobra Couture a brand from Amsterdam. They are all about quality and detailed designs. So pay attention to everything from the materials to the cut of the fabric, the devil is in the details as they say. Cobra Couture makes unisex clothing so their pieces can we worn by both men and women.

Cobra Couture started as Cobra Footwear when they released their first pair of shoes and now they decided to make a clothing collection. The collection consists of three pieces, a strapped garment in the colors green and black and a padded garment in cream white with brown padded shoulders. In the next post we will show you the newest lookbook for this collection. The two lookbooks that they already made for this collection feature the two very well-known Dutch rappers Cho and Adje and model Teeshrosa. Underneath you can find the three lookbooks and information about Cobra Couture. Go and keep your eye on Cobra Couture because we know they are going to be big!

Website: Cobra Couture  –  Facebook: Cobra Couture

Lookbook collection with Cho and Teeshrosa

lookbook-9 lookbook-7 lookbook-6 lookbook-4 Lookbook-3jpg Lookbook-2 Lookbook-1 Lookbook IMG_5809 IMG_6219

Lookbook collection with Adje

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