About The WayWard Way

What does The WayWard Way mean?

The most important thing to show you is what the word wayward means after that we are sure you will know what we stand for.

Definition of wayward: ‘Someone wayward is a little stubborn and independent. They’re determined to find their own way and are not easily controlled. Being wayward can mean a few things, but they all have something to do with doing your own thing and sometimes going against what others want you to do. Wayward folks like to go their own way and they often take the unexpected path.’

So The WayWard Way means taking the pad that you chose for yourself because it is yours and yours only.

What does The WayWard Way do?

The WayWard Way is a multidisciplinary platform that creates concepts, content and products, we work on:

1. Creative concepts

2. Fashion styling for photoshoots and videoclips

3. Custom Shoes (WayWard Customs)                                                                    If you would like more information about what we do please contact us at: info@thewaywardway.com

Our Vision:

‘Your own place in your own way’. The WayWard Way believes that there is a place for everybody where they can get time and space to improve and explore themselves and help everything around them. You don’t HAVE to do anything in any traditional way if you don’t want to and that’s why there will be more space for innovation and open-mindedness.

Our Mission:

‘Be a little bit rebellious every day’. If you want to be heard and create your own space you should be a little rebel sometimes. If a lot of people will be a little rebellious together the message will come through in the end. So it can be anything from wearing two different kinds of socks to riding on your skateboard in your suit and tie to the office. If you do those small things together it will have an impact at some point.




  1. Thanks for checking out my blog Charlotte!
    Love the layout of the blog and your style is so different – streetwear and menswear! Keep it up! =)

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