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NOA (Nieuwe Oogst Amsterdam)

NOA is a fashion label from Amsterdam established by four friends with a passion for clothing. Everything they do comes from a certain vision. Inspired by modern architecture NOA uses a lot of clean settings and greatly value the relationship between functionality, material and design. With emphasis on clean, urban and minimalistic design, they focus on men by balancing high-end with streetwear. NOA’s hallmark feature -the red line- can be found in everything they do.
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And Yes Its Dutch: 32. JWZFF Clothing

Big big graphics…   JWZFF

JWZFF clothing started in 2010 as an online lifestyle magazine and soon developed in a clothing line. The founders are Lorenzo Burnet and graphic designer Garezi Septara. Their logo is one of the most known graphics that JWZFF uses.

Every collection is in limited quantities and won’t have any restock, so you have to be quick! Their first collection was released in 2013 and their latest collection was released in May, the photos of this collection you can find below. You can also find their information there to check the full collection out!

Website: JWZFF  –  Facebook: JWZFF

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And Yes Its Dutch: 30. Tomach Clothing

Definitely not too much..   Tomach Clothing

This brand started in 2012 and is owned by two brothers. Their brand is known for the illustrations on their products. The name Tomach is made up out of the first names of the brothers and the English words ´too much´. They started making these shirts for friends but in a short time a lot more people wanted to buy their apparel.

Their new collection is for the summer of 2014 and consists of various shirts, a windbreaker jacket and a snapback.  The products are made in limited quantities, so make sure you get one while you can! The shirts are a mix of two tone shirts and illustrations. I must say my favorite is the two tone shirt as seen in the first picture of the lookbook that you can find underneath. What is your favorite? As well as the lookbook you can also find a video of their collection below and as always their information.

Website: Tomach Clothing – Facebook: Tomach Clothing

Tomach Clothing Summer ’14

lookbook11 lookbook10 lookbook9 lookbook8 lookbook7 lookbook6 lookbook5 lookbook4 lookbook3 lookbook2 lookbook1


And Yes It´s Dutch: 29. Delikatessen

For a true gentleman…   Delikatessen

Delikatessen is an Amsterdam-based menswear line that prides itself in using the most refined fabrics that offer supreme comfort and touchability. Founded in 2009 by Andre Lisowski and Stephen Hartog, Delikatessen focuses on well-tailored but effortless garments that combine old craft with a modern approach to design.

Underneath you will find a preview of their SS15 Fava collection. The Fava collection was inspired by the intersection of urban and rural life, the allotment. While the Fava beans start to grow in the allotment, Delikatessen returns to the roots of their craftmanship. Pure fabrics and their process of making the garments are the link to the very unique concept. The fabrics are from all around the world including a series of linen Jacquard from a small Italian company, Wakayama knits from Japan in cotton, linen and ramie and some beautiful Portuguese fabrics.

I can´t wait untill the new SS15 line is available, the fabrics and workmanship is always amazing! Underneath you will also find some contact info for Delikatessen and enjoy the sneak peak into their new SS15 collection.

Website: Delikatessen  – Facebook: Delikatessen

delikatessen_ss15-085 delikatessen_ss15-1041 delikatessen_ss15-754 delikatessen_ss15-628 delikatessen_ss15-232 delikatessen_ss15-148

Lookbook credits:
Photography: Stanislaw Boniecki 
Styling: Slawek Blaszewski
Make up: Katarzyna Sobura