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Komono x Baloji

Today we got a collaboration by Komono x Baloji for you!

KOMONO CURATED is a series of capsule collections & artist collaborations. Komono collaborates with artists & creative individuals from around the world. Komono introduces its latest capsule collection curated by Baloji. He is known for his modern interpretation of Congolese music. Baloji infused his personal style into 4 unique styles of Komono sunglasses. Al of the sunglasses have a unique meaning to Baloji. He was inspired by different people and captured their style in each of his sunglasses.
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KOMONO x Jean-Michel Basquiat Capsule Collection

I study fashion and branding at the Amsterdam fashion institute, for everybody that did not read my About page, yet ;). This semester we had to study the fashion history from the eighties and nineties and long behold I came across this amazing artist from the eighties that made some pretty cool art. Unfortunately he passed away at a very young age due to a drug overdose. But thank god his art lives on, an example of that you can find underneath. A collaboration between watch/sunnies brand KOMONO and the great artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. The collab consists of 6 watches with his artwork on them. Jean-Michel was known for his as they called it ‘Graffiti-Art’ so a combination of both and you can really see his signature in these watches. Amazing I love them! Underneath you can find the pictures of these beautiful watches as well as information about KOMONO and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Website: KOMONO  – Facebook: KOMONO

Website:  Jean-Michel Basquiat –  Facebook:  Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel-Basquiat-x-Komono---Magnus---Philistines_€89,95 Jean-Michel-Basquiat-x-Komono---Magnus---Return-of-the-central-figure_€89,95 Jean-Michel-Basquiat-x-Komono---Winston---Pegasus_€79,95 Jean-Michel-Basquiat-x-Komono---Winston---Untitled_€79,95 Jean-Michel-Basquiat-x-Komono---Wizard---Museum-Security_€69,95 Jean-Michel-Basquiat-x-Komono---Wizard---Tenor_€69,95

Today’s Essentials: All Black

So I have something to tell you guys, if you follow me on Instagram you could have seen the picture already, but I moved to a new room! It is way bigger which makes me very happy because the one I had before was very very tiny. So now that I have enough room I finally can do grids! I wear a lot of black as I am sure a lot of you will too. So why not so you some of my favorite black essentials. Underneath you will find where I got them from and why I like them so much, enjoy! If you have ideas about what theme my next oufitgrid should have let me know!






Fannypack by Herschel: Fannypacks used to be very corny but believe me they are making a comeback! This would be perfect to take to festivals with you so you don’t have to carry around a bag everywhere.



Matte black necklace by Monki: I really really love this necklace, I have similar ones in gold but this matte black version just gives that little extra to an outfit.


Five panel by Adidas: I am a headwear girl, I basically collect any type of headwear from buckethats to beanies to five panels. This five panel I can wear with anything, the front is soft suede which makes it stand out from a normal black five panel.


Puma Trinomics: I’m in love, This black version of the Puma Trinomics is crazy to me. The details in this sneaker are amazing and the white accents just finish it off.


Pens by Edding and Hema: The people who follow me on Instagram could have seen some of my artwork before, I am a creative person so when I have a night off, I like to draw a lot. So off course I need some pens to do that.


Sunnies by Komono: Also a matte black pair of sunglasses with these crazy blue glasses in them. That is what will make you stand out from the crowd!



Jersey from Stussy: I mean how can I not love a baseball jersey from Stussy. It has a very good quality, is a bit longer and is just very very dope.