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..And yes it’s Dutch: 24. BALR

BALR. was founded in 2013 by professional football players Demy de Zeeuw , Eljero Elia and Gregory van der Wiel and is a luxury sports brand.

BALR. is a luxury sports brand that designs clothing and accessories that suit the football lifestyle. This means that they make comfortable and casual outfits for during the day, but they also design some high end luxury fashion for the special occasions. They work with mostly basic colors as navy blue, black and white, because they want to bring fashionable clothes to the market that people want to wear for many years. They do not work with spring/summer 2014 or fall/winter 2015, they want our clothes to be timeless.

Their mission is to bring the two totally different worlds of football and fashion together.

Team-spirit fuels the energy for their designs and the collections are inspired by sport’s continuous demands on the physical body and the determination for perfection. With quality over quantity, they bring you the best of football culture mixed with contemporary fashion.

And I have to say I love the leather bags with the football print on it! Underneath you will find their information and pictures of their products:

Website: BALR     –     Facebook: BALR

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..And yes it’s Dutch: 21. OntFront

A Gentleman’s label…   OntFront

Good clothes open all doors. It opens the door to your soul. Open up, OntFront is a designer menswear label & store. The Amsterdam based store is multi-labeled and carries a fine selection of brands to envision their beliefs.

Amsterdam’s menswear brand OntFront, is honored to present their new handmade neckwear collection manufactured in Germany. The collection contains slim ties made of traditional Indonesian batik cotton fabrics, which are made using a manual wax-resistant dying technique. The classic ikat fabrics have also been applied to the threads using a tie-dye technique before woven into the cloth. Linen, bleached denim, digitally printed floral and leopard prints can also be found in the collection. There have also been some bow ties and Dutch chokers added to enrich the OntFront neckwear collection.

The gentle mannered men

OntFront believes good clothing opens all doors and neckwear can provide just the right leverage in life. The OntFront neckwear collection is created for open-minded men who care, men who are fair, and men who are socially aware. If you have a romantic sensibility and you put more into the world than you take out, you’re a gentle mannered man.

The gentle mannered men transcend social class and are proud to be self made. OntFront is surrounded with gentlemen who are so by nature. They are well mannered, properly dressed and always respectful. They are never afraid to speak up or stand up for what they believe in. They live a passionate life and show real compassion for others. OntFront hopes to inspire more men to become gentle mannered. Underneath you can find the lookbook for their new neckwear collection:

Website: OntFront – Facebook: OntFront

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..And yes it’s Dutch: 20. DENHAM

The Jeansmaker..   DENHAM

Denham was founded in 2008 by mister Jason Denham in Amsterdam. Having already established his reputation in the European market as a consummate “jeanmaker” known for mixing denim modernism with workwear tradition, he resolved that the jeans category needed an injection of something fresh, new and undeniably mouth-watering. Assembling a small like-minded team of international designers, So Denham set-up operations in Amsterdam.

Denham S14 captures the imagined adventures of a cadre of denim rebels exploring the ancient volcanic landscapes from the azores to the Izu Islands. For men the classic 1950’s rebel style – epitomized by authentic denim, french stripe and soft calf leather – is brought to life in a new range of premium 5-pocket styles crafted from the best Japanese, Italian and French denim fabrics as well
as breton stripe cut-and–sew tops and the new Bobber jacket in both leather and stretch gabardine.
Volcanic terrain has inspired updated approaches to monochrome. New laundry techniques produce fresh high notes and rich low tones within light ash and darker stoney grays. Natural textures are accented with vivid color influenced by molten lava, bright sun and pacific wildlife. The rebel style for women shows categories of vintage denim washes and bespoke artisan bleach finishes with Nappa leather skins tanned in indigo ash and dark lava in new biker inspired silhouettes.
A ‘scissor incorporated’ Japanese shiburi print has been utterly transformed with dramatic shifts in color and scale and is joined by ultramodern volcanic and tropical photo prints within the tops and dress collection. Luxurious Italian and Japanese woven qualities mix with innovative artisan knitting techniques to create a dynamic portrait of the Denham woman making her own way along the Pacific
Ring of Fire.
Blue and pure indigo dyestuff are always at the center of the Denham range. For S14 the hues run from pale sky blue to deep ocean indigo. New experiments in the world’s best mills have produced 2, 4, 8 and 16-dip qualities traveling from light to dark denim. These are complimented by chambrays reinvented with new bonding and coating treatments. For women the 5-pocket indigo offering has been injected with a celebration of print, color and pattern with bold new graphics wrapped around key fits from Denham’s new Category Five range. Underneath you will find pictures of their new SS14 collection.

Website: DENHAM – Facebook: DENHAM

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..And yes it’s Dutch: 19. DEUGTNIET

They are the dutch word for rascals….  DEUGTNIET

The two owners met each other 3 years ago trough their work at Gaastra (I know can you believe it?) That is where they build there friendship. In 2013 they ordered 20 caps from China as part of a joke.  Because one of the owners thought you wrote DEUGTNIET instead of deugniet. They got really good feedback on the caps and thats how it al started. They started ordering caps from LA ( de BLACKS & GREYS) and beanies, and they have kept growing since.

Their summer collection is due around April /June. Which will be a mix of five panels and snapbacks that will be sold on their webshop and a couple of stores in the Netherlands. They can’t tell us much more about it, but knowing the girls from DEUGTNIET it’s gonna be a party! Underneath you can find some of their products:

Website: DEUGTNIET – Facebook: DEUGTNIET

alle-105 alle-50 alle-51 Black Tee W - Voor alle-2 Black Sweat M - Voor Black Sweat M - Achter Black Tee M - Voor alle-4 White Sweat M - Achter White Sweat W - Voor White Sweat W - Achter White Tee W - Voor White Tee W - Achter


..And yes it’s Dutch: 18. Get untitled

Can’t put a label on them..   Untitled

In 2012 three guys started Untitled, an exclusive lifestyle brand that meets real artists. It originally started with designs of T-shirts for personal use, but soon they noticed that their friends loved the style and the artists they worked with. This gave them the idea to start a worldwide online store. A dream coming true.

Untitled is like starting up an empty document. They challenge artists to create their dopest designs on a piece of clothing starting from scratch. Untitled aims to fresh you up in your daily life.
Every single product reflects the love for art.

By connecting artists with people, they want to bring art to life and have their clientele enjoy an exclusive piece of art. That’s why all of their items are produced in limited quantities and made from high quality materials.

Their new collection includes fleece sweaters with our printed logo, speckled shirts in different colors. For a sexier look, ladies can spot the color speckled shirt with roll-up sleeves. They have also included  a white/black edition pocket tees with the printed text “Livin The Dream” on the back for a refined finish.

Website: Get Untitled – Facebook: Get Untitled

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