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News: Recap Approved Sneakers Market

Last Sunday we were at Approved Sneakers Market. A sneaker event every sneakerhead will dream of, an entire hall full of the latest and some of the most rare sneakers, a customizers area for when you want to get something special and for the female sneakerheads a special womens area.

Of course we had to be a part of the Approved Sneakers Market, since the WayWard Way also makes WayWard Customs we had a stand at the customizers area.  We were not the only customizers there, we were joined by two other Dutch customizer, one French customizer and two German customizers. Seeing there customs was amazing and it was nice meeting all of them.

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One Year Anniversary Post!

Oohw yes it´s CB Styling´s first bday! A year ago was born, can´t believe it went so quickly. From just posting stuff I liked so I could always find it, to helping you guys from all around the world to find the best brands, shops, fashion and music.

It has been a journey, for the next year I promise even more awesome posts and projects! So is their anything that you want to find on this blog that you have not seen yet? Let me know because this blog is not just for me anymore it is here for all of you! So thank you all for the support of CB Styling

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It’s online! The video for Kika – Guess It’s Alright

Yes I am so excited it is finally online, the video I went to Paris for. Kika’s guess it’s alright! I had the privilege to do the styling for this Portuguese singer and to be in Paris with her and the rest of the crew to shoot her video there. I am very happy with the result, it fits the song very well. But off course I would like to hear what you think as well. Underneath you can view the video:–k8Q